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Community Partners are an integral part of the Green Transportation Summit & Expo. We partner with value-aligned organizations to help broaden the reach of the event and grow the green transportation industry.

Through mutually beneficial, cross-promotional agreements, Community Partners help promote the GTSE by sharing valuable opportunities with their networks and demonstrating their collaboration with our organization.

For more information on the collaboration, please review our Community Partner brochure.  

Image of conference attendees at tables

Over my career, I’ve attended a lot of conferences on various

subjects. When I leave a conference, I must stop and ask myself

"did I get enough value from this to cover my cost to attend?”.

Sadly enough, like many, I found myself saying that I don’t think so

because the material wasn’t timely, or the networking opportunities

just weren’t there…I’ve found GTSE to be one of the conferences

that stays abreast with the technology in which we're all going to be

addressing in our careers as a fleet professional.


-Gary Lentsch CAFM, Fleet Services, Eugene Water & Electric Board




PHONE:  (541) 207-4285

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