Exclusive Performance Ride & Drive

The “Performance Ride & Drive” is a GTSE Exclusive and provides a unique attraction for fleet managers, policymakers, and media representatives. Giving attendees a chance to roll up their sleeves and road test the very latest alternative fuel vehicle technologies on a real racetrack.

Performance Ride and Drive

We are taking the traditional Ride & Drive and adding a whole new twist to it. No more having to stop at traffic lights, stop signs or even for pedestrians. We have created, what we believe to be the future of Ride & Drive events.

Experience the true performance of new Alternative Fuel Vehicles in a Racetrack environment.

Whether it be efficiency or power, you’ll be able to identify the driving characteristics of each participating vehicle in real time.

Consider participating in or becoming a sponsor the new GTSE Performance Ride & Drive. For more details, contact Brian Trice @ 503-688-0989


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